2021 Match Play Format / Flow


Group Stage 1

Matches / Results

  • Players must contact each other at the start of the month to organise the match .. If your opponent is on a FIFO roster please try to make it work for them. Find your opponents contact details in the PGN member directory (see below)
  • Players will ALWAYS use the  Golf Australia matchplay index (see below)
  • Working out handicap differences—If Player A is on 8 and Player B is on 4 then Player B will play off scratch (0) and give 4 strokes to Player A (Player A would get strokes on 8,12,4 & 16 as per the matchplay index.
  • Players must complete each match within the month allocated.
  • If a match is not completed within the month both players get 0 points
  • Winning players must submit the score after their round via text message to Mike on 0433 121 933
  • All finals are sudden death. If a match is tied after 18, additional holes must be played to determine a winner. If this is not possible players must have a putt off. In sudden death, toss a coin to see who goes first.
  • The Matchplay final will be held at Maylands at the EOY Golf day on the 13th of December.

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