China Results

Mission Hills China Round 3 Results 11/6/2014

Includes Daily Handicap for round 4

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Round 4 Information

World Cup Course 1st tee off 8:04am

1st Group – Terry Rowley, Kevin Spark, Joe Chong

2nd Group – Ralph McCarthy, John Pirovich, Trevor Johnston

3rd Group – Rick Kennedy, Rackel Dunning, Graham Hudson, Ray Biehl

4th Group – Ed Vannholt, Rachel Galgey, Paul Sinden, Craig McDonald

5th Group –  Ross Hancock, Dean Christie, Dayle Hoek, Peter Bellinger

LD Hole 11

NP Holes 8+13

Breakfast available at Shen Zhen before the round tomorrow. Bus leaving 6:30 and 7:00am

Saturday Bus leaving for airport from Chung Ping at 3:30pm and Mission Hills 4:30pm