Mantys Golf

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A Western Australian owned company, Mantys Golf Manufacture single person light weight foldable electric golf scooters.

Heaps of fun and very easy to use, the Mantys is steered by shifting your weight from side to side in a skiing-like movement. With a max speed of 16kph the Mantys will help speed up play by allowing players to go directly to their own ball.

Mantys is a proud sponsor of the Perth Golf Network and will be hosting a number of demo days at special events. Any members interested in purchasing or registering for a demo day can contact Mike Kerr on 0433 121 933.

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Mantys host a number of demo days throughout the year. Click the link below for to register your interest and you will be contacted when there is a demo in your area. Or contact Mike 0433 121 933 for more info.


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