Mizuno Golf

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A traditional and family-run company, Mizuno has always preferred to invest in product rather than marketing and sponsorship – and it is this commitment to the quality of their clubs that has attracted many of golf’s biggest names. Multiple major winners past and present have either peaked or broken through with Mizuno.

Mizuno’s reputation for quality was forged from the moment it began exporting clubs to Europe in the late 1970s. At that time irons were forged from a single mould and would emerge rough-and-ready and in need of plenty of hand grinding – a process that created inconsistency. A tour pro would need to order around 10 sets to find nine irons he was happy using. But Mizuno’s double forging process, which used two moulds, was very precise and needed only minimum hand grinding. Consistency was much greater.

Mizuno is a proud sponsor of the Perth Golf Network and will be hosting a number of demo days and fittings at many of their special events including the Challenge Series and more. Any members interested in purchasing or being fitted for any Mizuno Clubs can contact the WA Representative Rob Clark on 0418 927 675.

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Mizuno host a number of demo days throughout the year click the link below for dates and times or contact Rob Clark (wa rep) 0418 927 675 for more info.


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