PGN Local Rules Notice Board

Below is an outline of local rules that apply in all PGN competitions.

Preferred Lies:

Preferred lies can be taken at any of our courses that have them in place as a local rule, this only apply’s on the fairways and the green surrounds (the first cut around the green).

Measuring Devices:

Range finders and GPS devices are allowed to be used in our competitions, however devices that can read slope and wind cannot be used even if the capability can be turned off.


There is no relief in bunkers at any of our courses regardless of the local rule ball must be played as it lies at all times. Relief can only be taken under the current R&A rules of golf ie casual water. This has been a directive from both Golf WA and Golf Australia.

Temporary Local Rules:

Any temporary local rules that our courses may have do apply in our competitions. These rules will generally be found on a notice board located near the pro-shop . These rules generally apply for unusual ground conditions ie coring and sanding or other golf course maintenance etc.

Stroke Competitions:

PGN asks that when playing in stroke competitions that our members record both their stroke score and stableford points on the competition card. This rule is only in place to aid in the results process as the new handicap system requires all scores to be converted to stableford.  Please Note there is no penalty for failure to do this.

Dress Regulations:

PGN members are required to dress in a neat and presentable manner and to adhere to the dress regulations at each of our host courses you can find these on their Individual websites or see guidelines below;
[list type=check_list]

    • Golf attire should be neat and tidy
    • Golf shirts – Collared shirts or mock turtle neck golf shirts with no big logo’s
    • Golf Shirts must be tucked in
    • Shorts – tailored shorts of knee length with belt – but no cargo shorts i.e. with multiple side pockets
    • Pants – Tailored pants with belt
    • Socks – predominately white short socks (must cover the ankle)

Generally if you stick to the above guidelines you will have no issues and save any embarrassing situations regarding dress regulations at all of our host courses including special events.