PGN Club Championships




Date: 30 Sept – 1 Nov
Venue’s: All days, All comps.
Cost: $10

This year there will be three grades – A (0-9.5 GA hcp), B (9.6 –18.5 GA hcp), C (18.6+ GA hcp).
A Grade will be playing stroke, B and C Grade will be playing stableford.
The normal daily competition will be running on the day with the usual $8 comp fee applying.

You MUST nominate BEFORE your round that you will be playing for club champs. Once you nominate, our staff member will stamp your card “CLUB CHAMPS”. If you submit a card without a stamp (or if it is not signed) it will not count.

All results will be posted on a weekly basis.
Club Champ rounds can only be played on the days and courses stipulated above.
There will be prizes for best Nett in all Grades and best gross in A Grade.

The winners will be announced at our end of year golf days.
This a long standing event with plenty of prestige for the winners so Good Luck to everyone and good golfing.