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pgn club championships

Attention all golf club members! The highly anticipated PGN Club Championship promises an exhilarating showcase of talent, skill, and sheer determination. This prestigious event brings together the finest golfers from our club to compete for the ultimate title of Club Champion. Players will face the challenge of a select few of our premium home courses that are meticulously maintained - navigating through pristine fairways, treacherous hazards, and undulating greens. With each swing, participants will aim to outperform their rivals, showcasing their expertise and strategic prowess in pursuit of golfing glory.


The PGN Club Championship is not only a test of individual skill but also a celebration of the camaraderie and competitive spirit that unites our golfing community. Join us for a captivating club champs filled with suspense, exceptional shots, and the crowning of our Club Champions and grade winners.

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